Auction for Dutch Milk bank Natural Parenting show 14-6-2014

Hier kun je alle nieuws en mededelingen over DenV vinden

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Auction for Dutch Milk bank Natural Parenting show 14-6-2014

Ongelezen bericht door noatje » 01 mei 2014 12:32

Dear Reader,

June the 14th is the day for THE Ouders Natuurlijk beurs ( the natural parenting show in The Netherlands). As the largest natural parenting forum in The Netherlands, Dragen en Voeden will of course be present with a stand. We will have our own 10*10m tent in the outside area where we will be hosting a wide variety of activities.

This year one of the activities at our stand is an auction to raise money for the VU Milk Bank, as a forum we have been supporting the milk bank since 2013.

"The aim of the Dutch milk bank is to provide donor milk to children whose own mother cannot provide any or sufficient breast milk or whose mother's milk cannot be used. They are specifically focussing on premature babies under 1500g who are part of research into the effect of breast milk. If the research shows that premature babies who get breast milk develop less infections than babies who are fed on formula milk the plan for the future is to offer all premature babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units ( 10 units in total) donor milk where the mother cannot produce enough milk."

To make the auction into a success we are in need of donations of products to be auctioned and we would like to ask if you have something you can donate to our cause. If you would prefer to offer a monetary contribution instead then that is of course very welcome too. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best wishes,
Sascha Krijtenburg and Kirsten Minnen

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